>> Pine Knoll Shores

Watch for Me NC in Pine Knoll Shores

  • Watch for Me NC participant since: 2017
  • Population: 1,400
  • Lead agency: Pine Knoll Shores Police Department


Pine Knoll Shores is a picturesque residential beach community located on the Bogue Sound in Carteret County. The town is home to the North Carolina Aquarium which attracts 400,000 visitors annually. With its sandy beaches and lush vegetation throughout, both in neighborhoods and in the Roosevelt Reserve, Pine Knoll Shores is an attractive place to walk and ride a bicycle. Man-made canals provide boat access to many residential properties but also create a network of disconnected quieter streets, thereby forcing more bicycle and pedestrian traffic to use NC Highway 58 itself.


The Pine Knoll Shores Police Department was able to call on a number of community partners to assist with Watch for Me NC locally. Two major local attractions, the North Carolina Aquarium and the Trinity Center, were instrumental in distributing fliers and brochures. Police Departments in neighboring towns of Beaufort and Emerald Isle provided additional assistance.

Education and Enforcement Activities

Pine Knoll Shores used Watch for Me NC primarily as a public education tool in their first year with the program. Pedestrian and bicyclist safety was promoted via the Police Department Facebook page, e-mail newsletters and local press. The town received coverage via local television, speaking to WCTI about crosswalks and pedestrian safety. Officers targeted locations where pedestrian safety concerns have been identified and used the opportunity to hand out safety materials and speak to motorists about laws for drivers in North Carolina.

Key Outcomes

The NCDOT aided the town’s efforts by adjusting the speed limit on NC 58 seasonally; the speed limit is reduced to 35 mph during peak tourist season. Pine Knoll Shores Police believe that community safety has markedly improved since the implementation of Watch for Me NC.

Lessons Learned

  • Targeted and consistent motorist and pedestrian education can make a difference.
  • Utilizing local press and social media helps to amplify Watch for Me NC to a local audience.


Thank you to Chief Ryan Thompson with the Pine Knoll Shores Police Department for providing leadership, time, and expertise that contributed to the Watch for Me NC Campaign in Pine Knoll Shores and the information in this profile.