>> Knightdale

Watch for Me NC in Knightdale

  • Watch for Me NC participant since: 2017
  • Population: 14,000
  • Lead agency: Knightdale Police Department


Knightdale is a fast-growing community which lies east of the Raleigh along the I-540 and future I-495 corridors. The Old Town recently improved space for pedestrians with the addition of a new 70- acre community park, but development since the 1960’s has centered around US Highway 64 and lacks connectivity and comfort for pedestrians and cyclists. Regional greenway expansion and growing interest in healthy lifestyles and non-motorized modes of travel have contributed to growing support for better bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Knightdale.


Watch for Me NC efforts in Knightdale are being headed up by the Knightdale Police Department. The Police Department has worked closely with the Town of Knightdale’s Development Services Director and Communications and Marketing Director. Ben McDonald, organizer of the Beer Run at Oak City Brewing has contributed addition support.

Education and Enforcement Activities

The Knightdale Police Department Traffic Safety Unit is very active in the community. Officers delivered the Watch for Me NC educational message to diverse audiences in the community by participating in a number of local events, including the Kids Education Festival, a Bike Rodeo, and a local July 4th celebration. Residents received Watch for Me NC information at the Oak City Run Club’s June meet-up. The Police Department has also produced a handful of Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety PSAs, and continues to engage with the public on road safety through social media. Materials such as banners, rack cards/brochures, bumper stickers, bike lights and reflective bracelets amplified the town’s efforts. Enforcement operations led to 40 driver warnings, 19 driver citations, and numerous general contacts with those using the roads.

Key Outcomes

Town staff and police were able to engage the community directly on the topic of pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Lessons Learned

  • Communication with motorists on the topic of pedestrian and bicyclist safety revealed a general lack of understanding of relevant laws in North Carolina.


Thank you to Sergeant Danny Phillips and the Knightdale Police Department Traffic Safety Unit for providing the leadership, time and expertise that contributed to the Watch for Me NC Campaign in Knightdale.