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Each year, more than 2,400 pedestrians and 960 bicyclists are hit by cars on North Carolina Streets. Watch for Me NC is a comprehensive program, run by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in partnership with local communities, aimed at reducing the number of pedestrians and bicyclists hit and injured in crashes with vehicles.

The Watch for Me NC program involves two key elements: 1) safety and educational messages directed toward drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, and 2) enforcement efforts by area police to crack down on some of the violations of traffic safety laws. Local programs are typically led by municipal, county, or regional government staff with the involvement of many others, including pedestrian and bicycle advocates, city planners, law enforcement agencies, engineers, public health professionals, elected officials, and others.

The Watch for Me NC program has been in operation in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties since 2012 as part of a pilot effort. To learn more about past partners and see what they are saying about the program, click here.

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Communities around the State of North Carolina soon will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Watch for Me NC effort by launching their own local programs, with support from the NCDOT. Click here to learn more about how your community can be part of the 2014 Watch for Me NC program.